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   Welcome to The Cherry Tomato! On this blog I share simple and tasty recipes, hacks to make your life much easier in the kitchen and tidbits to help you maintain your kitchenware...... So, have a look around the site and have fun cooking!!!

Yellow Lentil Curry

This for me is a favorite to eat and to make. Reason? Well, these lentils are lovely and earthy and don’t need pre boiling to soften them. It’s also a cheap meal to make 😊.

As we are in January, the month of humility, I thought to share this meal with you. The spices in this curry make it a warm and filling dish and because it’s all saucy you have the option of serving it with rice or a flatbread like naan or just having it on its own as you would a soup.

Serves 4

  • 1 cup yellow lentils

  • 1 medium onion, finely diced

  • 4 garlic cloves, crushed

  • 1 thumb of ginger, crushed

  • 1 tbs, tomato paste

  • 2 handfuls, chopped spinach

  • 1/2 cup coconut milk

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 tsp mixed spice powder

  • 1 tsp cloves

  • 1 tsp black pepper

  • 1 cinnamon stick

  • 1 tbs tumeric

  • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds

  • 1 tsp mustard powder

  • Oil

  • Salt to season

Take a medium pot and put it on the cooker on medium heat. Put oil in the pit and add the onions, garlic and ginger and sweat on a low heat until the onions are soft.

Next, add the fenugreek seeds and let them cook for a couple of minutes then put in the rest of the spices and a bit more oil and let them cook for 5 minutes. Add the tomato paste and lentils and mix them well. Season with some salt. Last, add the coconut milk and one cup of water and let it simmer for 30 minutes on a low heat or until the lentils are cooked through. It should form a thick sauce. The last step is to add the chopped spinach and let it cook through for a couple of minutes.

You are now ready to serve!


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