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Steel Bowls

I've been struggling at home with a bain-marie because what I have at hand are two small glass bowls that are fragile and don't hold much. So I decided to source for some metallic bowls. I prefer metallic bowls because they are less fragile and they carry and shed heat a lot quicker than glass; basically temperature control is easier with the metal bowls.

The plan was to just ask people out on the social media streets where I can find some. Turns out, they came to me.

So I went to house of leather, as you do, to pick something completely useless read: slime for the kid, and I realised they changed the layout so the first thing you encounter when you walk in is cutlery and crockery.

Walking through, I usually inspect everything in the isles and my eye fell on the metallic bowls. I was super happy. Their price was affordable from between 900/- and 1500/- a piece AND they have them in different sizes. I grabbed two because, well, I have this thing to almost always buy important things in pairs and also because you never know when those things will disappear completely from the shelves.

If you're looking for the bowls, try house of leather. I am actually going to go back and get a piece each of the smaller size.

*Update: They now also have the larger size of bowl at Carrefour but if my memory serves me well they might be slightly pricier the house of leather.


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